Sect- The second biggest nation, with best technology but very slow progress due to their government type. Has third biggest army but most highly trained soldiers. Neutral with Indep and Sustis. Allied with Debrul. Tense with Anachtur. Neutral with Hundea.

SECT's technology is similar to the one found on Earth's, with slightly more futuristic themes. They use conventional firearms and kevlar most of the time. Their towns and villages can be compared to 1920's urban towns and cities.
Melee- Stun baton
Sidearm- Glock 23 (.40 glock with chrome slide and laser sight)
Standard Longarm- M4 with laser sight & scope
Elite Longarm- M14 with laser sight and synthetic stock
Heavy Explosive (HE)- 40mm grenade launcher on M4, hand grenades for elite
Unique- Aerogel buckler shields.
Civil Equipment- Weak kevlar vests, combat boots, sidearm, melee, walkie talkies
Soldier Equipment- Kevlar vests, combat boots, iris-mounted communicator and weapon coordinator, standard longarm & sidearm, 1 40mm grenade per soldier
Elite Equipment- Full-body kevlar suits with plate armor, HUD power helmets, Unique, Elite Longarm & Sidearm, 3 40mm grenades each soldier.