Quinike is a plant discovered by the Sect in 253 CP by tge Sect, and quickly outlawed. However, it is used by the Anachtur in their nature ceremonies that grows native to the jungles of their country. It's growth patterns are eratic to the point where Anachturians refer to the areas it grows in as "places of power" which they use in their ceremonies. Scientists from other nations believe that its growth patterns may be derived from a complex relation between drainage and animal migration patterns, but it is still for the most part a mystery.

The effects of the plant are not fully understood, especially due to the long term effects it seems to give to the Anachturians and the Anachturians only, but it is known to consistently induce a trance in anyone who consumes it.

The drug's trance inducing qualities have resulted in it being outlawed in Indep recently after it has been attributed to several defeats in the Indep-Anachtur Conflict, due to it causing decreased alertness and use of the drug becoming an increasingly popular passtime in the military. The Anachtur, seeing a way to weaken their enemy, and criminal elements in Indep, seeing a way to make a profit, have begun an underground economy where quinike is sold to the Indep underground for "modern" weapons and supplies. This program has so far been successful and Anachtur runners are now considering infiltrating the Sect in a similar fashion