Promus is a planet in a star system near Sol, terraformed and colonized by NASA around the same time as the thermonuclear war on Earth. Physically, it is not unlike Earth, with similar climates and geology; and the same wildlife as can be found on Earth, as the humans brought animals with them.



NASA performed experimental terraforming on a planet in a nearby star system, in order to eventually provide humans a new place to live as Earth's environment began to decline. 24 years after the terraformation was complete, two giant space shuttles were launched with a total of 8000 colonists on board. Six years later, one of the shuttles landed, and half of the trained colonists began to populate Promus. The other crashed due to a horrible miscalculation, killing the crew on board and destroying much of their equipment.


Nineteen years after colonization, the colonists began building villages as scientists from the shuttle. The group becomes known as Indep, and forms a constitutional monarchy. Meanwhile, the other scientists formed their own group, which became known as the Sect, and formed an Athens-esque democratic government.