Hundea was founded in 194 C.P. by a mixture of Indep colonists and exiled petty criminals who were sent off the mainland. Normally this would have resulted in a country that Indep could easily keep under its thumb unofficially, but within three years of independence the Hundeans had the luck to discover firmitite. Due to this discovery the Hundeans experienced a massive economic and population boom which resulted in a formidable nation with the largest navy on the planet. The cultural ties between Hundea and Indep are strong even to this day however, and they are allied with them as well as the fellow island nation Debrul.


Hundea has developed around the water, and due to that most of its infastructure is not land-based. Hundea has few land vehicles but has the largest navy on Promus. This is bad news to the islands which aren't the capital, as they are neglected in favor of the mining platforms that orbit the archipelago. The capital itself is a testament to decadence, with statues of the glorious leader everywhere. To live in the Hundean capital is to live in one of the most pleasant places on Promus, so long as you can stomach that it's built on the back of oppression.


The Hundean economy is based around the mineral firmitite, which it exports, although mostly to Indep, across the world to all but Anachtur, which both refuses to use it and lacks the technology for it. Every firmitite deposit known to exist is capped by a sea platform dedicated to mining it.

For food Hundea turns to its massive fishing fleet, which go out at the beginning of a marked season and doesn't return until it gets its quota. Hundea is perfectly willing to trade its fish for terrestrial foods of course.

The income disparity in Hundea is excessive, as the captains of the fishing fleet and sea mining platforms recieve most of the wealth from the resources while the laborers are giving just above subsistence wages. The most affluent of all are the government officials that live in the capital, and the poorest are the islanders who have little to no resources to sell.


HUNDEA's technology is identical to Indep's, with a few changes:
Unique- Ballistas, take 20 soldiers to move and is mostly for defense.