Raw firmitite in its purest form.

Firmitite is a mineral which produces a constant charge of electricity when placed in contact with a conductor. It was discovered by a Hundean fishing crew in 197 CP, when the ambient charge from a deposit interfered with their ship's electronics. Since then Hundeans have engaged in a massive project to find, mine, and sell the mineral.

In order to get the mineral Hundea builds large sea platforms from which the mining crews operate. Since the charge interferes with all electronics, all mining must be done manually. Miners are equipped with a diving suit that resists water pressure and electric charge and are sent to the deposit in baskets from the platforms. There they spend the day mining. In order to get air they must go up every so often using the baskets, which are to be loaded with the mineral. The baskets do not go unless a certain weight is reached, and workers are punished severely for going up when they aren't low on air. This has resulted in workers dying as they desperately mine to try and reach the quota weight for a basket.

The primary user of firmitite is Indep, which uses it to power their weaponry, but other nations use it as they need it, other than Anachtur, which lacks the technology and the will to use it.